Lamb Chops Marinade

I adore lamb. If the animal was taken care of correctly (most lamb coming out of Australia and New Zealand) it can be a heart friendly red meat. This is because a good cut of lamb can rival fish for being high in Omega 3′s. These are the heart healthy fats,  ex post facto a good cut can be… Continue Reading

No Direction Soup

This modern life is hard some times. I currently find myself in a state of flux. I have an urge in my soul to change things up. The issue, not sure what direction to go, or even where to begin. I don’t know what is up, or down for that matter…Sometimes when one gets into… Continue Reading

Blood Orange Sole

Citrus and fish. Honestly, any kind of citrus with any kind of fish and you have a meal. This is a, “throw it in a pan and cook it all” meal. Very simple, very healthy, very tasty! In a pinch this meal can be done in about 15 min, the flavors will always impress. Sweet, tangy,… Continue Reading

Mac and Cheese with Sage Sausage

Sure, there are a million mac and cheese recipes out there, all fantastic as mac and cheese is a classic. However, it’s the blend of gruyere and cheddar cheese with the addition of sage sausage that make this recipe unlike the rest. Sage anyone? This potent herb happens to be a memory enhancer! As well… Continue Reading

Spring Salad: Watermelon, Tomato, Goat Cheese.

Watermelon works surprisingly well in salads! I went to True Food Kitchen with a dear friend when I was visiting Arizona, and they had something like this on the menu. I put my own spin on it of course. Its a sweet, watery, summer salad. I made it sweet and bitter- as that’s what my palette craves. Hits the spot… Continue Reading

Juice: Watermelon, Apple, Ginger, Lemon.

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m hungover, and when one is hungover, one does not have time to mess. Watermelon, sound it out… Water-melon.. WATER. When you are hung over you need to replenish your water supply/electrolytes you lost by drinking all that devilish whiskey the night before. Whenever I’m hungover I go immediately to fruit, veggies,… Continue Reading

Biscuits and Gravy

This is NOT healthy, this is old timey cowboy food, this is comfort. Sometimes you need comfort. Satisfying this craving is very healthy, for the soul. So, this is (as they say) “soul food”. Eat this when you feel like you need a hug. Biscuits and Gravy could be the next best thing. Enrich your… Continue Reading

How to steam an Artichoke.

This is going to be a short and simple post, as the act of steaming an artichoke is short and simple. Why eat an artichoke?? Have you ever tried one!? That would be reason enough, as they taste amaze-balls. Not enough? OK I’ll entice you further with nutritional info. Artichokes: Big in vitamin C and antioxidants. C is the vitamin that fuels your… Continue Reading

Homemade Pate

Fancy pants! I know, I think pate and think $$ too. However, myth busted! If you make this on your own at home a 1/2lb cost me maybe $6.00-8.00 total (with items in my pantry). So pate is made with chicken livers, if that grosses you out- get over it now. The flavor and health benefits associated… Continue Reading

Parfait: Raw Cacao pudding, Goats Milk Yogurt, Blueberries, Walnuts

I make this weekly so I can eat at my desk and answer emails all morning with a smile on my face. My sister in life,  Alli Botto of Devour Bakery, gave me this recipe for Raw Pudding and after first taste I was forever-hooked. It tastes like a banana chocolate mousse and the avocado makes for such a creamy texture-… Continue Reading