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I NEED cheese. Cheese reacts in my brain as if it were heroin- highly addictive. I will never quit you cheese, never. I decided to make some cheese from scratch after reading an above average cookbook “Buy the Butter Make the Bread” by Jennifer Reese.  Ricotta is great cheese to start out with. It literally means “twice cooked” in… Continue Reading

Contribution- Jillian Makee “The Importance of eating healthy”

Readers!!! I have something new for you. I received an email from a reader asking to contribute to nutrition education. May I introduce miss Jillian Mckee. She is a BTK follower, who specializes in cancer outreach and education. She is dedicated to getting rich information out to anyone who wants to read. So, in an effort to lend a hand, here is some great information on how… Continue Reading

Juice: Watermelon, Apple, Ginger, Lemon.

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m hungover, and when one is hungover, one does not have time to mess. Watermelon, sound it out… Water-melon.. WATER. When you are hung over you need to replenish your water supply/electrolytes you lost by drinking all that devilish whiskey the night before. Whenever I’m hungover I go immediately to fruit, veggies,… Continue Reading

Parfait: Raw Cacao pudding, Goats Milk Yogurt, Blueberries, Walnuts

I make this weekly so I can eat at my desk and answer emails all morning with a smile on my face. My sister in life,  Alli Botto of Devour Bakery, gave me this recipe for Raw Pudding and after first taste I was forever-hooked. It tastes like a banana chocolate mousse and the avocado makes for such a creamy texture-… Continue Reading