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Egg Pancake

The egg pancake one of life’s great treats. I do mean this is a treat, it’s 3 eggs flour and sugar-and its amazing. A cross between a crepe and a souffle. It puffs up in the oven and then compresses with cooling. Through scientific analysis I’ve found all this air gives these dense ingredients a… Continue Reading

Salmon, Risotto, Cream Sauce and Avocado

I created this meal to pump up my omega intake. Omega 3,6,9 are the most well know. Omega 3 will be in your fish, 6 is mainly in nuts for this recipe in the pin nuts, 9 will be found in both the fish and nuts yet showcased in the avocado. The omega’s are all… Continue Reading

Ricotta Jelly Frozen Tart.

Ricotta day 2: Frozen tart. It has been a HOT summer, thank you global warming. In an effort to beat the heat and use up some of my delicious ricotta I created this recipe for a frozen tart. In the post bellow (also linked here) check out information on how ricotta can compliment your diet…. Continue Reading


I NEED cheese. Cheese reacts in my brain as if it were heroin- highly addictive. I will never quit you cheese, never. I decided to make some cheese from scratch after reading an above average cookbook “Buy the Butter Make the Bread” by Jennifer Reese.  Ricotta is great cheese to start out with. It literally means “twice cooked” in… Continue Reading

Stuffed Chicken: Asparagus, Feta, Lemon, Herbs. With Tomato Sauce.

I used to think french chefs were magicians for making Chicken Cordon Bleu. How do they get the ham and the cheese inside the chicken!? Then I tried stuffing a chicken breast and found it to be incredibly easy. I urge you to try your hand. The possibilities for stuffing are impressive, and endless- make… Continue Reading

Radish Salad

  Ahhh the radish. Underutilized in most kitchens (mine included) however, the radish does have its allure. Radishes are high in vitamin C and K, as well as a high mineral content. Also, like the watermelon, the radish houses heaps of water and fiber. More on radishes health here. Water crest is new to me, its… Continue Reading

Cauliflower Gratin

I could eat cheese all day if I were allowed. In addition to that, mac and cheese is the comfort food-to me. I wish I could but I can not eat mac and cheese with every meal. So when I am looking for an alternative to the “pasta” part of the mac and cheese, cauliflower… Continue Reading

Lamb Chops Marinade

I adore lamb. If the animal was taken care of correctly (most lamb coming out of Australia and New Zealand) it can be a heart friendly red meat. This is because a good cut of lamb can rival fish for being high in Omega 3′s. These are the heart healthy fats,  ex post facto a good cut can be… Continue Reading

No Direction Soup

This modern life is hard some times. I currently find myself in a state of flux. I have an urge in my soul to change things up. The issue, not sure what direction to go, or even where to begin. I don’t know what is up, or down for that matter…Sometimes when one gets into… Continue Reading

Blood Orange Sole

Citrus and fish. Honestly, any kind of citrus with any kind of fish and you have a meal. This is a, “throw it in a pan and cook it all” meal. Very simple, very healthy, very tasty! In a pinch this meal can be done in about 15 min, the flavors will always impress. Sweet, tangy,… Continue Reading