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Burnt Toast Kitchen is where we share recipes, shortcuts, links, wellness information, and how we hold down full-time jobs, relationships, social lives, and sanity while cooking healthy meals on a schedule.  We were tired of grabbing burnt toast on our way out the door in the morning, tired of the same trip to the Whole Foods salad bar for lunch, tired of pasta or take-out for dinner.  We love food too much for that, and we love our bodies and our health even more.

What will you find here?  Delicious food you can make on weeknights, prepare ahead, or freeze for later.  We know you’re busy!  We know sometimes you’d rather watch Top Chef than act like one.  We totally get it.  We get tired of chopping too.  But we also LOVE food, love cooking, and love escaping to the kitchen.  So in addition to time-savers, you’ll also find recipes with longer shopping lists and hands-on time for those days when you feel like stirring the pot, literally and figuratively.

We’re still figuring this whole thing out (life and blogging), and some weeks there are a few more Starbucks breakfast sandwiches and pizza orders than we’d like to admit.  There’s always room for improvement, right?  Join us as we aim to give our bodies whole, nourishing meals that give us energy and taste amazing, while leaving room for happy hours, sweet treats, and duh, cheese.

So WELCOME!  Introduce yourself! We hope you’ll stay for awhile.

Allow me to introduce myself:

I figured, what better (quicker!) way to get to know me than a series of generally meaningless (but totally telling) questions.



in twenty words or less: photo taker, bike rider, food lover, free bird. In a ten-year love affair with food.  We’re very happy together.
diet: everything, in moderation (even moderation)
takes her coffee: blonde
favorite snack food: fruit–any and all!
if money were no object: I would have a secure home base, work hard doing the things I love, be close to the people I love, travel, have adventures, live life!
favorite movie: Zoolander
indispensable in the kitchen: cheese grater, coffee grinder, frying pan, wooden spoon, whiskey
food heroes: Mario Battali, Julia Child, Andrea Bricco
food philosophy: eat right, be creative–food wants to taste good!
favorite things: finding money in my pants pocket, the smell of coffee in the morning, spooning, tea and cakes, sharing, reading, creating, movies, the beach, hiking, hot chocolate on cold days, rain, people, holding it down and feeling good about it.

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