Lamb Chops Marinade


I adore lamb. If the animal was taken care of correctly (most lamb coming out of Australia and New Zealand) it can be a heart friendly red meat. This is because a good cut of lamb can rival fish for being high in Omega 3′s. These are the heart healthy fats,  ex post facto a good cut can be a heart healthy red meat! Of course remember moderation.  Lamb tends to be a leaner cut of meat as well, meaning it has less fat. Something you may not expect about lamb: it has been know to be incorporated into the diets of diabetes patients as a way of helping to regulate blood sugar. This is because the meat is lean and also has nearly no carb content, low in sugar. This low carb count also gives room for a wide range of vitamin B’s to be housed in the meat and retain a high amount of protein. I really can’t say enough about how great lamb is. Throw it into your dietary mix once a week and enjoy meat with less negative health effects.

This marinade highlights the natural flavor of lamb, with fresh notes of mint, layered with a smokey tang of worcestershire. ENJOY!


Lamb Chops Marinade

by Burnt Toast Kitchen

Prep Time: 2+ hours marinade

Cook Time: up to 10 min

Ingredients (8 chops)

    • Up to 8 Lamb Chops
    • 3 cloves Garlic
    • Handful or Half a cup Fresh chopped mint
    • 1/4 a cup Worcestershire
    • 3 tablespoons Olive oil



Use a zip-lock bag to marinade.

Pour in all ingredients and let sit for 2+ hours. Up to a day or so. The longer the more flavor.


Cut lamb chops for skillet frying.


Cook 2 min on each side, then in oven for 3-5 min. To fully cook.


Cut into one to check the color and the heat coming off of the middle to see if it is fully cooked.

Should fall off the bone, with a bit and a tear of your head. As you are a carnivore :)

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